Farmers gain effective workforce management system

Day-to-day running operations with workers, can be a costly affair, especially if you don’t keep track of time when getting workers to be on time or clock-in for the days’ work. SBE International has the perfect solution for managing this process, saving you time and money.


With technology moving forward faster and faster everyday, you have to make sure you’re not left behind. Especially if your business can benefit greatly from it.

Time consumed outside duties indirectly cost you money and you have to ensure to control that with a minimum loss. Payroll is affected by workers starting late, leaving earlier and taking extended lunches (stealing time). The Biometric Fingerprint solution to control your workforce is the answer to saving you money. The “cloud storage” solution in conjunction with biometrics and rugged hardware will see your business and bank balance grow.

The Viper S922 reader with GPRS functionality can be used remotely in the field where your workers are fulfilling their daily duties. The upside to having remote “clock-in” points, eliminate the time delay of workers reporting to office before leaving again to start the day. You can keep the device in the “bakkie” on charge and drive from field to field getting workers to clock-in. Transactions are immediately then send to the cloud data management system, and can be accessed remotely.

The easy export to payroll, or the use of our basic payslip program will save endless time and effort when calculating time sheets for wages. The fingerprint identification system also prevents “buddy clocking” or “card passing”, meaning co-workers can’t clock-in for their buddies when running late.

If you are fortunate to have multiple farms or fields you can “flag” expired workers preventing them from moving to a another farm to start working there. The database is synced with a single enrollment station(or remotely), which means you can send workers to work on another part of your farm and they would easily just clock-in and carry on working without enrolling again.

The perfect solution to save money is available from SBE International  which are available nationwide. Please contact us directly and request your request your quote.


4 thoughts on “Farmers gain effective workforce management system

    1. Hi Lindy,

      Ek bevestig net dat Sandy vir jou ‘n email gestuur het met die nodige inligting. Indien jy enige navrae het, kan jy direk met Sandy in verbinding tree, of self my weer kontak. Alternatiewelik kan jy on skontak by of skakel by (012) 667 6739.


      SBE International


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